Why Track & Field Can Be Good For Autistic Children

As we all know staying active is extremely healthy for all children. It helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle and establishes a routine. For children with Autism is may be a little difficult to enroll them into team sports, especially if it involves constant social interaction and communication with teammates. However, there are many sports that are great for children that keep them active with less communication needed. One sport is Track and Field. 

Keeps Kids Social Without Constant Communication
Track and Field is not like other team sports where you have to communicate with your teammates to score a goal or get a touchdown. Track and Field is a sport that can be done with one person at a time. It is good for children with Autism that are not comfortable with constant communication with teammates because they still are part of a team without constantly communication with kids. It also allows kids to achieve personal goals at their own pace. Track and Field also helps build social skills because it keeps them engaged with children with similar interests with similar goals.

Keeps Kids Active
Track and Field is a great work out for the body as a whole. Running is great for raising good cholesterol, maintain healthy lung function, strengthens the heart and helps build muscles. It can also help with decrease chances of Diabetes and Obesity. For children with Autism it also helps improve coordination and muscle development.

Overall Track and Field helps with decreasing self-stimulatory behaviors, hyperactivity, aggression and destructiveness because it provides kids with the activities to release any built up energy. In addition, it also helps kids build self-confidence, achieve goals and makes them happy.

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