Lacrosse Classes- Age 3 & Up

Our lacrosse programs help athletes develop fundamentals including cradling, passing, shooting, agility, and more through various games that will enhance these skills. Our classes teach the athletes the game of lacrosse, while helping to develop their hand eye coordination, agility, focus, and lacrosse IQ.  All of our classes help build confidence, and promote sportsmanship in a fun and exciting environment. 

Intro To Lacrosse Class (No Gear)

Come play the fastest game on two feet! Our coaches will teach you the skills you need to play lacrosse; cradling, passing and catching, scooping, shooting and defense. This perfect mix of scrimmaging and stations allows players to interact with coaches and teammates in a fun and exciting way.

Advanced Lacrosse Class (Full Gear)

In this full gear lacrosse program, our coaches will add more advanced drills to increase your son or daughters skillset’s. This full gear lacrosse class will require full gear and include more game play and take your child to the next level and prepare them for competition on the field viagra from india